The Left Seeks Thought Control

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Alisyn Camerota and CNN just told the world to shut down Conservative messages and to have a strategy based on the idea that those messages are wrong and that their messages are gospel and full of merit and should not be questioned!

Here is another terrifying example of how the media constantly tries to control the message...

Courtesy of NTK Network

Leave it to Mika Brzezinski to let this horrifying message slip up to let everyone know that they want to control what you hear, see, and think when it comes to news!

This should not be a huge revelation to people that the mainstream media wants to be the arbiters of truth and that they have the moral high ground to report the news they want you to hear rather than give you the information that you need.

This is what we have to deal with---the mainstream media brainwashing America to their will!

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