Trump's Southern Border Policy Is At Least Fixing Something Right?

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

The Left hates the fact that President Trump wants to get something positive done at the Border. In fact they hate any positive steps being taken at the Border that they will call his policies "cruel."

President Obama is the one that had the kids in cages.

President Obama also used tear gas at the Border and perpetuated the "catch and release" program that did nothing to help the issue at all. In fact it made it worse by giving people even more incentive to break the law!

President Trump simply wants immigrants to come into this country legally. Whether it is the Wall or more strict identifiers to gain access, asylum or citizenship the job must be done more efficiently.

In the video above Pete Buttigieg simply wants to garner a response to the fact that Trump is using the stick rather than the carrot to attack this current crisis at the Border.

The Left wants you to believe that this is merely a humanitarian crisis when in actuality it is a national security crisis that must be stopped!

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