Rapinoe: I Deserve This

Courtesy of Grabien and Twitter

"I deserve everything."

That is the phrase said by U.S. women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe.

What do you deserve?

You are an athlete who helped her team win the World Cup for the country of the United States of America. You took your "platform" and bloviated about how much you disrespect the flag and our President and how much you feel entitled as an athlete to express yourself in a way that does not represent America and represents yourself.

You deserve to wear the uniform of your country and represent us as ambassadors to the rest of the world. You deserve to act professionally and carry yourself as an athlete we can watch and enjoy your skills as said athlete.

You also deserve to be blasted for your public opinions that you so desperately want SOME people to have but not all. You deserve to be ridiculed about your decision to NOT see the President and speak about how you feel but will blast him publicly and go visit other like-minded people.

You THINK you deserve a public platform to spew your nonsense when in reality you simply don't want to be challenged on anything you say so you run and hide behind a "safe place" to rant and rave about how much the country you claim to represent sucks.

You either love this country or you do not love this country. Do you want to make things better? Then make things better and act! Crying and whining and complaining about a President who does everything BUT exclude people tells me that you are the one with the problem and you DESERVE nothing but what you receive.

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