AOC got punked on Family Separations

Courtesy of Grabien and Twitter

The Democrats really want to pin "family separations" on Donald Trump, the GOP and I.C.E. They want to drive elected officials to make the emotional, rushed decision to essentially open the Border for everyone regardless of their situation and regardless if they do it the legal proper way or not.

The Dems don't really want to fix the Border problem because they simply just want more people flooding into this country.

They want to make the emotional argument that the conditions at the Border are not conducive to their narrative rather than use the logical argument to protect our country from the implications and problems of an unchecked and open Border.

Rash decisions often do not mean the best decisions are made.

Mr. Homan decided to stick to his gut and tell it how it is. AOC wants to equate every possible option that our current policy has to offer to violating human rights and treating illegals as less than human beings.

What is wrong with coming into this country LEGALLY and asking for asylum?

The Left wants asylum claims to have no checks and balances. They want double standards to bring quality of life to non-citizens in this country.

Hypocrisy runs amok!

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