Conservative Media Is More Popular. Deal With It.

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

The left leaning mainstream media is always baffled by why Conservative media does better in nearly every form of information, entertainment and news.

The answer is simple...they tell the truth!

If the stock market goes up---does it get reported? Nope!

If there is a school shooting with a perpetrator that does not fit the media narrative does the Left report it? Absolutely not.

Want to know more about foreign relations across the world that is massively successful? Don't expect to get that news from the Left.

If it involves blasting Trump or making the narrative that they are the sole arbiters of truth and information they are on board.

There is a large section of America that does not care about the problems of the coasts. They care about "fly over country" and what matters at the heart of this great country.

It should not be any surprise that news outlets that tell the truth would be more popular and more influential!

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