The Squad Represent What America Is Not

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

The new batch of elected officials that came into power in 2018 has tried to make their mark about what changes they want done.

They want their radical form of leadership to transform this country. Their rhetoric must not be questioned because of who they are and being completely unchecked by their own party has given them carte blanche to do as they please.

So when President Trump decides to call them out for their rhetoric he is considered a racist and a sexist hell bent on attacking four women of color.

This is the base argument they want you to buy into!

Never mind all the hateful and un-American things they have said. They say that the orange man in the White House is here to only cater to white people and the values they have.

If they do not like how this country is they can bring reasonable solutions to the table. But instead they are like children crying in the sandbox throwing toys around demanding the whole sandbox to play in rather than a section to enjoy.

They want to create problems rather than bring solutions.

They want to claim that Trump and his supporters are un-American.

The truth is that is the Squad and their supporters who are truly NOT what America is or will become.

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