The Left's "Moral High Ground" Is Built On Quicksand

Courtesy of Grabien and NBC

When the Left calls out attacks against them they go all out to say that Republicans use offensive language that belittles who their opponents are. They claim that Democrats are above that kind of tactic to categorize their opponents.

When it comes to attacks based on appearance or race or religion or ideology the left believes that they have an open forum to do so without retaliation or reproach.

When Cory Booker says that Trump is a "physically weak specimen" but then immediately backpedals and say "that is his tactics" it brings about the double standards that truly exist on a daily basis for the Democrats.

The Left wants to be able to take shots at their opposition but can't handle any type of criticism that is thrown their way.

They want to have their cake and eat it too at their own birthday which by the way they can cry if they want to---cry if they want to.

They want to be all style and no substance and they are banking on the American people being the exact same way. There is such a level of disrespect going on knowing that Democrats like Cory Booker do not care about you at all. He and many like him care about your vote and your voice and power that you give to them!

If anything President Trump has done what the people want him to do---LEAD!

These are a bunch of elected officials pining for likes and followers on their social media accounts to spread their nonsense. Do not let them brand you as pathetic subjects yearning for their approval!

The Left wants you to believe that they have the moral high ground. Yet the supposed high ground they stand upon is built on the quicksand of inanities that is sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of fraudulent ineptitude.

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