Mueller Is Lost.

Courtesy of Grabien and CSPAN3

So it appears as if Robert Mueller and the Mueller Report are simply a vapid pile of nothingness. To put it bluntly Robert Mueller looked totally lost at sea without a life preserver clinging to the wreckage of a sunken vessel.

It seemed pretty obvious that Mr. Mueller did not even write his own report and had no idea what to say or how to say it and could recall any of the verbiage in question from the debacle of his appearance.

He could not get into details nor did he seem to know any of the details!

So after years of buildup and years of anticipation and years of Democrats yearning for this day when Robert Mueller could once and for all take down President Trump...he could not recall much of anything.

The long and winding road has finally hit a dead end and it is mercifully time to move on towards something of substance for the Democrats to work on. Which we all know that working on anything of real substance for the Democrats is far few and between and that will not change any time soon.

A sad day for Robert Mueller, the Democrats, Trump haters, and the United States of America for this colossal waste of time, money and resources.

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