Does Joe Biden Want To Be Obama 2.0 Or Not?

Courtesy of Grabien and Telemundo

Is Joe Biden having a crisis en route to his run for President in 2020?

Joe Biden has been a champion of his 8 years as Vice President under Barack Obama. However Obama has refused to endorse anyone for the office for 2020 including his former running mate. Why?

Is it not Biden's time anymore?

When asked about Obama policies at the Border Biden has backed away saying he will do things differently than they did under the Obama administration.

Is he backing out of his need to have Obama at his side for support?

The reality here is that Biden needs Obama yet he needs to remove Obama from any equation that allows Biden to be the next President of the United States in 2020.

Basically Biden is damned if he does and damned if he does not.

Any policy that is in lockstep with the Obama playbook will be heavily criticized both negatively and positively. Anything seen as off the path from Obama will also not be seen in a good light and will be questioned at every turn whether or not it is successful.

Biden needs to not dodge questions about this but instead embrace it. Being in limbo when it comes to one of the most polarizing administrations in the history of this country is not going to get Joe Biden very far. It may cost him yet another shot at being the commander-in-chief.

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