White Supremacy Is NOT A Public Health Crisis

Courtesy of Grabien and Breitbart

When someone calls something a "Public Health Crisis" what is the first thing you think of?

I guarantee that it is not WHITE SUPREMACY!

Want to know a true crisis of public health?

How about what is going on in places like San Francisco with mass defecation on the streets all over the city!

What about all the Sanctuary Cities that allow immigrants to have safe haven in their communities as they bring diseases into this country while going unchecked?

What about all of the opioid abuse going on that has gone for DECADES?

I could go on and on about the actual public health crisis problems that are going on.

Treating the symptoms and the problems are two separate issues and trying to lump in an EMOTIONAL argument is not going to solve anything.

Take a step back...breathe...and realize that stricter background checks and tighter restrictions on guns would not have stopped the Dayton or El Paso shooting.

Using blanket arguments to fit your narrative...that is a crisis to be addressed in a public forum. It is not the dreck you peddle off to anyone who will listen to you.

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