ICE Protesters Pepper Sprayed

Courtesy of Grabien and NBC News

Protesters outside of an ICE Detention Center in Central Falls, Rhode Island prevented a worker from entering the premises.

They refused to let him drive through and he notified other staff to come out and help him get to work. The protesters were then pepper sprayed and told to disperse. So what happened that was so wrong about the situation?

The video only shows that these protesters, although seemingly peaceful, stepped up their protest by surrounding the ICE employee's vehicle and started yelling "shame" among other things at him.

You cannot lawfully protest and keep someone from entering their place of work right?

Protesting ICE is one thing but preventing someone from entering their place of work is another right?

Maxine Waters and Barack Obama told you to get in the face of your opposition and tell them that they are not welcome anymore anywhere and anytime.

Who is spewing out hateful rhetoric? The Left. Who gets blamed for it? The Right.

You decide who really needs a reality check of their behavior and the perception they give off to the world.

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