Cory Booker Has Never Been A Serious 2020 Candidate

Courtesy of Grabien and Facebook

Cory Booker wants to bring a different style of leadership to the White House in 2020. He wants to take the "Spartacus" approach and have an impact on the same level that Barack Obama did back during his two term Presidency.

There is a glaring flaw in this plan however...Cory Booker is not a serious candidate nor will he ever be a serious candidate for the President of the United States of America.

At an event in Atlanta, GA he was introduced as Cory Baker. This may not seem like a big deal and an honest mistake but just take into account if more serious candidates were introduced as someone else...

Introducing 2020 Presidential candidate---Kamala Farris!

Introducing 2020 Presidential candidate---Colonel Barrie Sanders!

Introducing 2020 Presidential candidate---Elizabeth Warden!

Introducing 2020 Presidential candidate---Joe "Fire Two Blasts" Bider!

You get the point. It would never happen!

Cory Booker is a complete afterthought and even at an event asking him to speak at it did not take him very seriously.

This just adds to the spectacle known as the 2020 primary for the Democrats. A complete train wreck.

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