Elizabeth Warren Dances to "Respect."

Courtesy of Grabien and Mediaite

Elizabeth Warren believes that she has made amends for her past transgressions. She really must truly believe that no one will remember the fact that she claimed to be a Native American and used that lie to further her career.

But now she has the audacity to say she deserves "respect!?"

Obviously I am not buying into this and neither should you!

If Elizabeth Warren really wanted respect she would drop out of the race and work towards repairing her image that has crumbled all around her. Plus this country loves giving second chances to people who screw up especially when they screw up in a public forum!

I don't want to give Elizabeth "Spreading Bull" Warren any ideas but please for all of us stop parading around like you are owed something.

Democrats should not buy into this and they are showing it by the responses she is getting.

She does not deserve your respect. Ever.

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