Trump Pinata Violently Stabbed

Courtesy of Grabien and NewsBusters

The Left prides itself on being the moral compass for this country. They claim that the right side of the aisle and Donald Trump are responsible for violent and hateful rhetoric being spread in this country.

This video of Mexican author Guadalupe Loaeza demonstrates that the Left is anything but civil and shows a great disregard for the severity of those actions.

That video is nothing short of hateful and dangerous. It is one thing to dislike Trump. It is another to have a piñata of Trump that you hit a few times with a baseball bat and candy explodes out of it for amusement purposes. (Even though that visual has its own issues as well.)

It is quite another thing to show someone maliciously and repeatedly stabbing an image of Trump to symbolize how much they hate someone. That is pure hatred and evil and must be called out. This is not funny. This is dangerous. This is what people will see as "new tone" and "civility" and "fun and games."

Just imagine if someone did that to a piñata of Barack Obama...

You know what the backlash would be and you know how the Left would react.

If not for double standards...the Left would have no standards at all!

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