Nancy Pelosi Is Desperate To Impeach Trump

The fervor with which the Democrats desperately want to find ANYTHING to impeach President Donald Trump is at its apex.

How is it that the Democrats will not accept a legitimately elected President after all these years and all these failed inquiries?

Why is it that Donald Trump cannot be accepted as the leader of this country?

The answer is that they see him as a crack in the foundation that they want to build. They saw him as one of them at one point and now they are grasping at straws.

Do they know what was said in the conversation between President Trump and the leaders in the Ukraine? No they do not. They will assuredly assume the worst as they always do without batting an eye towards the dealings that Joe and Hunter Biden has with Ukraine that ARE crimes.

This is yet another example of Trump Derangement Syndrome by the Left but it does go deeper.

It goes down to the very fabric of that fact that the Democrats as a whole have completely lost their way. They not only will attack any glimmer of hope that they can get Donald Trump out of office. They appear to be helping their party find a quick exit come 2020 and help put their legacy in a real bind going forward.

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