Hillary Clinton Jumps On Impeachment Bandwagon

Courtesy of Grabien and PeopleTV

Not a real surprise to see Hillary Clinton jump on the madness train known as the "Impeach Trump" movement.

She is STILL rather displeased that she not only lost the 2016 Election to Donald Trump but helped facilitate the greatest upset in American political history.

Now she believes that President Donald Trump is a "corrupt human tornado" that should be impeached due to his "ongoing" dealings with Russia and Vladimir Putin as well as this latest "scandal" dealing with Ukraine and a phone conversation to aid Russia and hurt the Ukraine. All of this without any proof of any of this but the message must be that Trump MUST be impeached NOW!

Her timing seems to be a little suspect however as she has shown no real interest in getting involved with anything close to the 2020 election after the failure that was the 2016 election. Is she biding her time for a high ranking position for whoever comes out on top of the 2020 primary season for the Democrats? Is she trying to gain favor with a top-tier candidate? Will she be a late addition to the proceedings? Too many questions without any real answers but know that the Democrats always have a purpose for their madness no matter how ill-conceived it is.

Make no mistake this is simply a public figure putting out a sound bite to garner attention and get the buzz going about these very questions.

But we all know that Hillary Clinton is lurking out there ready to take advantage of the situation. Much like the Democrats they will not let a good crisis go to waste!

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