Ex-Nanny Who Had Child With 11-Year-Old Boy Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

A former live-in nanny was sentenced to 20 years behind bars for sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy in her care. Marissa Mowry, 28, had over a dozen sexual encounters with the boy starting in 2014. Later that year, she gave birth to the boy's child.

When Mowry gave birth, she told the family that her boyfriend was the father. The sexual abuse stopped for a couple of years but resumed in 2016. In 2017, the boy finally found the courage to tell his parents what happened, and Mowry was arrested.

The victim, who is now 17 years old, is raising his five-year-old son with the help of his mother.

"It has not ruined his life, but it's changed his life," his mother said in court. "But he has turned into one of the most amazing dads you'll ever meet."

Photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office