Joe Biden Gets Even Creepier

Courtesy of RT

Creepy Uncle Joe has reached a whole new level of creepiness towards his run for the 2020 Presidency.

While on stage in Council Bluffs, Iowa with his wife Jill Biden, Joe Biden decided it would be a good idea to bite his wife's finger in a show of affection on stage.

This may seem like an innocent playful act from a husband to his wife but this clearly shows how much Joe Biden is simply clueless.

What have been the optics surrounding Joe Biden for many years? That he is a little "too" friendly with everyone he comes into contact with. This may seem innocent but it reaffirms a pattern that Biden has gotten a pass for over DECADES of acts.

This is yet another thing to poke fun at for Joe Biden but should we really be surprised by anything creepy Uncle Joe does anymore?

Well he could be the nominee for the Democrat Party in 2020...

This is the BEST the Democrats have to offer!?

He will be grasping at fingers if his gaffes and public displays of affection get any worse!

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