Donald Trump Is A World Leader Who Has To Be The Adult In The Room

Courtesy of CNBC Television

No one likes to be held accountable on a public stage but President Donald Trump is willing to jump in and do just that for the rest of the world's leaders.

I am willing to bet that President Trump wants to have productive relationships with all of the world's top leaders in order to get things done and have mutually beneficial relationships to which everyone succeeds.

However the reality is that Donald Trump is bucking all trends, turning over all apple carts and holding everyone accountable to the way things should be.

Trump is tired of being the world's doormat, piggybank and police overseers.

He is going to fight, scratch and claw for what America deserves. He is as always thinking about AMERICA first.

Meanwhile leaders like Trudeau, (still in office even after blackface), Macron, (inept), and Johnson (daft), have to make funny jokes about how Trump is the big mean guy in the White House in the United States. They don't like the fact that he is the adult in the room while all the children wish to sit around and let things happen to and for them.

Not a surprise that when the adult enters the room no one likes the results they get. The fun is over and the real work must get done whether anyone likes it or not.

Trump is getting to these leaders clearly otherwise we would not have these outbursts even in a private hot mic setting.

This is yet another example of Trump WINNING.

Are you tired of it yet? I am not!

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