Schiff Continues To Shift Blame...Surprised?

Courtesy of Grabien

Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democrats not only want but NEED President Trump to be convicted of a crime to make their stance against him viable and plausible.

The news of alleged hacking of Burisma makes the Democrats believe that this is an overt display of foreign interference helping President Trump AGAIN.

Yet Schiff wants to make it seem as if there is a long and drawn out history of proof that any nefarious activity actually took place when their "evidence" is a bunch of hearsay and third source nonsense.

If this is another display of anything it shows that Democrats believe the American people are lacking in intelligence and have the memory of a goldfish!

Don't get sidetracked by the fear tactics and false notions that Schiff is asking you to believe in. He is shifting blame to anyone but himself and his party for attacking Trump solely based on the fact that they hate him!

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