How Hot Is The Trump Economy? WATCH James T. Harris Burn Money!!!

What would have happen if Obama waved a magic wand over the economy? 


There is no such thing as a magic wand people! That’s why the economy was slow, the stock market was just average, unemployment was way up and food stamps were at an all-time high!

Not anymore!

President Trump has set the nation up with fiscal conservative policies that set the economy on fire.

Haaaaa Hahahahahahahaha!


This country should be celebrating the successes of Donald J. Trump. Instead they are told lies and misconceptions about anything and everything that he does! The media would rather focus on their supposed prism of optics and how you SHOULD perceive President Trump instead of reporting the news of how he is making this country great AGAIN.

2020 is finally here and we as a nation should be ready for more winning! Are you tired of it yet?



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