The Left Does Not Want Dissent On Impeachment

Courtesy of Trending Politics

In recent memory have you had that feeling that no matter what President Trump says or does he will always be looked down upon by his detractors?

This should not surprise you in any form whether it comes from elected politicians or voters or especially the mainstream media.

Jay Sekulow was speaking to the media in defense of President Trump during the several hours of impeachment talk for the Senate trial. As the audio was going on George Stephanopoulos made a very unseemly gesture of "throat cutting" to end the video. This was an overt non-verbal way of saying "I have had enough of this stop airing this now!"

The media for the most part is not even trying to hide their disdain for objectivity at all and they do not care.

The Left-leaning media wants to control the messaging and want to be positioned as the only arbiters of true information. With that knowledge why would you allow these networks to shape the narrative for you?

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