Are All Witnesses On The Table For Questioning? Didn't Think So!

The Left lead by Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler desperately want to be able to call witnesses in the Senate Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump.

They have tried to go to great lengths to convince everyone that this is the only way to have a fair trial and the only way a true outcome can come out of these proceedings.

As Jay Sekulow points out the Democrats had 17 witnesses called when they were in control on the House side. Not once were Republicans allowed to ask questions of your 17 witnesses but were not allowed to call any of their own witnesses to have a better understanding of the facts being presented.

This is once again another case of the Democrats not having power and crying about it until they get their slice of control. They have little control on the Senate side and do not have the votes to sway opinion on the matter.

Their parlor games and tricks have been exposed for the empty words that they are. Not enough votes to have the decision go your way? I have three words for you....


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