My Prayer For Rush Limbaugh

Like many radio loving Americans, the first Conservative voice I ever heard on radio was Rush Limbaugh’s voice. It was so clear and it resonated down to my very soul. That was in 1990’s and I have listened, faithfully almost every day without fail.

THAT is the power of radio.

Radio is theatre of the mind. It is the medium that has the power to engage your thoughts, emotions and imagination to create images more important than visuals. Television is where people go to be seen. Radio is where individuals are actually known. There is something honest, genuine and wonderful when a host connects to his audience and his audience resonates with him.

That is exactly what Rush has done for millions of Americans. He is not a just a national treasure, he is our treasure.

This is why we pray for Rush. I invite you to listen and if so inclined pray with me.

Listen below.

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