Pelosi Is Failing The Optics Game.

When a public statement is made either verbally or non-verbally a particular message is meant to be sent.

Pelosi thought it would be cute to rip up President Trump's State of the Union speech in front of everyone in the chamber and on camera for millions of Americans to see. All that was missing was her throwing it in the air in celebration of the supposed deed that she had done sticking it to Trump and telling the world how she really feels about the speech.

What did she really accomplish by publicly displaying her feelings to the world? Did we not already know how she felt about the entire situation?

Within 24 hours Pelosi was blasted over the news and social media for her petty and childish behavior.

She thought she was making a bold statement when all she really did is make the case that she and the Democrats don't care about America or Americans at all.

They only care about power and control and how that grip will manifest into more power and control over their subjects.

When Pelosi ripped up the papers for all to see she ripped up the honored guests, the distinguished elected officials and every American who believes that America has become great again.

Want to become more polarizing? Want to have more "deplorables" moments? Want to turn more people against you?

Keep doing what you are doing Pelosi. Keep doing what you are doing Democrats.

All you are doing is losing the optics game in America and come 2020 when you are surprised when another massive Republican win happens you will simply sit there and tear up your fledgling careers mocking those you are elected to serve.

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