This Is Why The Left Can't Have Nice Things

Ever wondered why the support for Bernie Sanders has been growing?

The simple answer is because many people believe that under his administration their voice WILL be heard no matter what!

Remember those two young women representing Black Lives Matter that hijacked his campaign rally? If you forgot here is what happened.

Courtesy of Associated Press

This reminder is to bring to your attention once again that Bernie Sanders not only represents a total change in the way of life here in America but also gives carte blanche to behavior unbecoming of anything close to civilized.

Want to get your message across? Yell into a mic in front of people and shout your opinion.

Don't like what someone says? Make sure that you get as many people with you to shout down any opposition to your viewpoint.

This is a symptom of the "Cancel Culture" that has been bred out of Bernie Sanders ideals and messaging that he has spewed over many people especially young citizens who simply do not know any better.

Mob rule is how you get people doing whatever they please as long as it impacts their agenda no matter who suffers the consequences of those actions.

Me first. We second. I won. You lost. Get over it.

Join us or we will run over you.

Do these seem like great principles to follow?

This is NOT the behavior of the Right. This is definitively the behavior of the Left.

Want to stop this? DO NOT VOTE FOR IT.

Want to teach people that Capitalism is not evil? Show them how beneficial it truly is.

Give someone a fish and they eat for a day. Teach someone how to fish and they can eat for a lifetime.

We live in a culture that is all about TAKE what you can and GIVE me what I want. Instead it should be TAKE the time to learn and GIVE yourself more time to acquire knowledge and skills to be a productive member of society rather than a leech taking everything and earning nothing.

This disturbance during the Bernie rally demonstrates no actual concept of civilized behavior and it will continue to be called out for what it is---childish behavior in a culture that wants to reap the benefits of others.

Well you reap what you sow if you vote for this America!

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