Watch: Trump Supporters Get Harassed On College Campus


The hateful violence and rhetoric comes from one side of the aisle---the Left side.

College campuses have become breeding grounds for this terrifying behavior that has been deemed "acceptable."

As show in the video the police officers that are in and around the situation are not doing anything to curtail this behavior against Trump supporters. Why is that? This is not a peaceful protest clearly.

So we as a society can have different viewpoints on issues that we must "respect." Yet the Left wants to make this kind of hateful violence against Trump supporters be perfectly considered as commonplace?

Did we ever see anyone who disliked President Obama EVER act this way? No we did not. Why is that?

The answer is because there are much more impactful ways to show your displeasure in something than cry publicly about it and be EMOTIONAL.

LOGIC has been thrown out the window because we all have to express our EMOTIONS. Those same EMOTIONS fuel our decision making which has been proven to be more destructive because it is less RATIONAL.

If you think this is "acceptable" behavior against a political opponent---YOU are the problem.

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