Two-Tier Justice System At Its Finest

The DOJ is formally not pursuing charges against Andrew McCabe. Yet when anything is brought up when it comes to Roger Stone or anyone else the DOJ has gone after through the whole conspiracy by the DOJ and FBI not a word is spoken about it.

Move along people nothing to see here.

What else can be said other than the two-tier justice system is fully in place for the "have" and "have-nots."

McCabe is protected by creatures of the Swamp and holdovers that have not been cleared out of the administration.

President Trump has been the victim in all of this but you would never know it. He is painted as the villain who keeps slipping out of the clutches of justice.

When in reality he has been fighting against the corruption trying to destroy his rightful place as the President of the United States of America.

See this for what it is---a witch hunt!

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