Tom Steyer Takes His Turn With Pandering

The Democrats just cannot help themselves can they...

They will do whatever it takes to ensure that they capture certain sections of the voting block because they need them so badly.

When candidates pander towards votes they diminish who they really are and what they really stand for.

This happens often with Democrats and the Black vote. They have taken it for granted for years yet rely on it to gain any traction while having acceptance within the party to confidently represent the party to the public.

This support has not been what it once was. More and more of that vote is not automatically going towards the Democrats.

This is where the litany of comments come rolling back to the forefront.

Joe Biden claims that, "He wants to be reborn in Charleston."

Hillary Clinton says she, "Always carries hot sauce in her bag," everywhere she goes.

Now it was time for Tom Steyer to take his shot at pandering. He decided to join rapper Juvenile on stage and act a fool.

There was singing. There was dancing. There was utter embarrassment.

Do people think this makes candidates more relatable?

Why are people so easily impressed or even better hoodwinked by actions like these?

All in all this is just sad not only for Steyer but for the Democrat Party which continues to engage in blatant pandering such as this for a few votes...

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