Pelosi Chooses Politics Over America

The Democrats want to make sure that we as Americans are prepared for the worst when it comes to the Coronavirus outbreak. They deem it to be as close to a pandemic as it is going to get right now. You as an American must be ready to not only get sick but ensure that you do not spread this virus from contaminating the world around you.

However when it comes to voting on funding to help curtail the spread of the virus or make all of the citizens of this country ready for it---Pelosi is nowhere to be found. Why?

The reason is because they only really want to CONTROL. They don't really want to HELP.

The Democrats seek power and control at all times. They thirst for it and will do whatever it takes to keep it or get it back no matter the cost.

The Coronavirus is here but much like their Medicare-For-All plan we all must hurry up...and WAIT.

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