Kamala Harris Endorses Joe Biden?

The Democrat Party truly is coming together aren't they!? Not only have they almost completely decided to unify around Joe Biden but in turn they are proactively saying not only do they NOT want Bernie Sanders as their candidate they are also telling his supporters that this is the way it is going to be! The party of inclusion does not want overt Socialism. They prefer the creeping version of it brought to us through Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

Kamala Harris is the latest to publicly endorse Joe Biden to try and get the Democrat Party organized to defeat Donald Trump.

However she herself has had very public battles with Joe Biden very recently...

Courtesy of Guardian News

So I am supposed to take seriously that Kamala Harris who was so passionate about how Joe Biden handled that instance that now she is fully on board to back him for President?

Is this the sign that perhaps SHE may be getting the VP nod from Biden if he gets the nomination?

Only time will tell but this is yet another sign that the Democrat Party is directionless and soon to be void of anything resembling any real structure.

They have become the party that throws ideas on a wall and hopes that enough of them will stick to garner support. Inevitably they will have blind supporters who simply believe that the values of the Democrat Party from decades ago still ring true today.

However if you look into how they say the Republican Party has lost its' way through Trump it is in fact the Democrat Party that has completely turned upside down and is barely recognizable anymore.

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