Another Mindless Accusation Of Racism

There are genuine fears going all over the world when it comes to the "global pandemic" known as the Coronavirus. (The World Health Organization called it as such.)

The panic that is coming from everywhere has not gotten lost to a member of the Democrat Party that never lets a crisis go to waste.

The newest charge from the mind of AOC deals with how you as a consumer are viewed if you choose NOT to eat at an Asian restaurant.

With fears surrounding this virus if you choose not to frequent those establishments---YOU are racist.

Is it just me or are priorities misplaced with what she is saying? The argument can be made that Democrats' priorities have been misplaced on just about everything else they do. So why is this so surprising?

Is the goal to scare people into thinking THIS is why we need universal healthcare? Never mind the fact that universal healthcare would not stop this virus from spreading. In fact it would probably make it worse with the coverage you would likely get waiting in a line with dozens of other people suffering from the same ailments of the virus creating unnecessary incubators to make it even worse!

AOC and many like her are simply daft. But calling it out has to continue to happen to show how lost they truly are.

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