Biden Tried To Be Presidential On Coronavirus

Courtesy of NBC News

Joe Biden took it upon himself to address the country about the Coronavirus pandemic. He wanted the whole world to know that he was actually standing up for America and was going to be active in fighting for our country to slow and stop the spread of this virus.

He said he had an actual plan to help curtail the fears and concerns that many Americans have over this growing global issue.

He then told everyone to go to to see his comprehensive plan in order to help calm the sentiment of the nation over Coronavirus.

In the middle of his speech he also tore apart the handling of the situation by the Trump administration and wanted everyone to know that the reason we are in the situation we are in is because the Trump administration was not proactive enough to get it done.

What Joe Biden fails to realize is that he is not making anything better through his words. Even if he had real tangible actions to put into place he is in no seat of authority to do much of anything. Had he kept his remarks short and to the point his speech might have been impactful. Instead he droned on for 20 minutes deciding how to blame the Trump administration piece by piece.

That is not an example of leadership and Joe Biden knows that. Now that you have seen it you should know that as well.

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