Biden Believes He Is Superior

The confrontation between a Detroit auto worker and Joe Biden surfaced while the two exchanged words over taking guns away from the American people.

Remember this confrontation?

Courtesy of Fox News

Not a great look for a man trying to run for President.

Well the man who was simply asking a series of questions to Joe Biden has finally spoken up to the media about his encounter.

Courtesy of Fox News

"I spoke to him at an individual level eye to eye."

Is that not one of the cornerstones of the thing that politicians are judged on? Electability and being relatable tangible things all candidates have to look into while running for office.

Biden was asked a question and gave an answer from the top of his throne looking down on all of his potential subjects.

No one wants to get talked down to ever. No one wants to be made to look small in any facet of life.

Why should we tolerate it from our politicians who are elected to lead us?

President Trump may have erased White House Press Briefings but he makes time every day to answer questions from the media outside of Marine One.

Joe Biden was not attacked like President Trump often is. He was asked a real question about a real issue in which Joe Biden was called to the carpet about his past comments that he could not walk back legitimately so he pounced on this auto worker and went into "holier than thou" territory.

In the grand scheme of the optics game---not a good look at all Mr. Biden.

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