Social Distancing Is Working

When the pandemic known as COVID-19 started the world did not know what was coming. There were guidelines and recommendations along with some insight and guidance as to what to do next.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been holding daily press briefings to inform not only New York but also the country and the world that certain measures that have taken place are indeed working.

Social distancing is working!

Limiting large groups is working!

More testing is happening every day and more cases are being found all over the world. The more tests the better.

Yes the deaths are going up but the light at the end of the tunnel is coming. Maybe not as soon as everyone wants it to be but with leaders like Cuomo and President Trump and those who seek out measures that can save lives and survive the spread of the infection---we will beat this.

No system is a perfect system for this still mostly unknown enemy---but the work is being done and we are standing united as one again to get past this and get back to being a fully functioning country very soon.

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