Remote Voting For President In November?

Democrat Vice President Joe Biden is suggesting November's Presidential election should be done via mail only. Say what? Be suspicious, very suspicious. There's two reasons why. First, Biden is trying to get ahead of conspiracy theories suggesting President Trump will declare an emergency and suspend the election.

Second, for Biden and Democrats this presents an opportunity to make it easier for people to vote. No doubt, Biden and the Dems think this gives them an advantage. That's why Biden is really pushing the vote from home idea.

It doesn't stop there, Biden is also advocating a virtual convention where he would be nominated as the Democrat nominee.

The Democrat Convention is scheduled to be held in July. The election is scheduled for November 3rd. Biden and several other Democrats are using COVID19 to remake America. And remake America now before the coronavirus spread slows.

This is why we encourage people to pay attention.

Watch Biden below.

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