Stop Complaining. Essential Businesses CAN Close.

It's become cliche for many across the state of Arizona to complain about the number of businesses deemed essential by Governor Doug Ducey. AZCentral's Laurie Roberts has. So has Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and a number of other mayors. Golf. How dare Arizona Governor Ducey keep golf courses open? Hair salons? Those businesses are NOT essential.

Here's a news flash.

Governor Ducey is NOT forcing these businesses stay open.

Golf courses, hair salons, or anyone else deemed 'essential' can still close their doors temporarily if they are worried about spreading the coronavirus or is business is too slow to stay open. There is no government penalty for closing.

We've been told by a couple of hair stylists their business is down close to 90%. Same for nail salons. Valley residents are taking this very seriously. It's one of the highlights of living in Arizona. We continue to value personal responsibility. We don't wait for the government to tell us what to do. In other words, we trust ourselves to handle this crisis.

If we didn't we'd be flocking to golf courses in record numbers. Plus, I can't find evidence COVID19 is spreading across golf courses.

The reason the Gallego's and the other mayors are complaining is because of politics. Politics is a zero sum game. Two political parties disagree at all costs with the goal of winning elections. In this current example, complaining that golf and hair salons is essential requires no thought. It's reactionary.

Leaders don't react. Leaders solve problems.

Something else to think about. Mayor Gallego might not think golf is essential but it is very essential for the employees and the owners of the golf course? April marks the beginning of the slow down here in the Valley. It starts to get hot. Less people travel here. That's a yearly facts in a regular travel year. 2020 is no regular because of COVID19. Tourism is going to be extremely impacted. Golf courses will struggle to stay open.

So will restaurants. Because Mayors like Gallego shut them down for dine-in service.

6.6 million people applied for unemployment benefits last week alone. How many more does Gallego want?

So, yes, every dollar golf courses earn is essential, they might be the most essential dollars they've ever earned. Maybe not to Laurie Roberts (who I very much respect), but to some of the hotels that operate them. These same hotels who will see their bottom lines hit because less people will travel to Arizona this year.

Need some numbers? A new study released by Oxford Economics predicts a total travel decline of 34% in 2020 with $400 billion economic impact.

So spare us the fake outrage mayors and columnists. If you don't want to golf, don't golf. If you are worried about the spread of COVID19, stay home. Most of us are.

Many politicians have fallen prey to 2020's social media ways by attempting to score cheap political points and create and enhance outrage instead of leading us together.

What's worse? They are showcasing what they really think of us. They think we need to be told to stay home. They think the government is the only entity that can save us.

I know better. I know you. I believe in you and I know together we will persevere. And I know Mayor Gallego nor the government isn't going to save us. Freedom will.

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