Alyssa Milano Believes In Due Process Only For Democrat Men

Joe Biden has been me too'ed.

But, no one in the mainstream media has been talking about the very serious accusation against the presumptive Democrat nominee to run against President Trump. The media is using COVID19 as cover to not have to talk about it.

The allegation comes from a former Biden staffer named Tara Reade. She says in 1993, the former Senator forced her up against a wall and touched her very inappropriately.

Reade added to the story in Current Affairs:

And he was kissing me at the same time and he was saying something to me. He said several things, I can’t remember everything he said. I remember a couple of things. I remember him saying first before, like as he was doing it, “do you want to go somewhere else?” And then him saying to me when I pulled away, when he got finished doing what he was doing and I pulled back and he said, “come on man, I heard you liked me.

Certainly sounds believable doesn't it? Believable enough to talk about and investigate. It was way back in 2018 when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court.

A woman came forward accusing Kavanaugh of pushing her down on a bed, covering her mouth while trying to pull her clothes off. That alleged event happened in 1982 when Kavanaugh and accuser Christine Blasey Ford were in high school.

This accusation became the very public part of the Kavanaugh confirmation process. The media bought into it. They talked about it non-stop. The used actor Alyssa Milano as one of their anti-Kavanaugh spokeswomen. She, along with many others, said things like, I stand with Christine Blasey Ford.'


Milano even wore a sash saying, 'Believe Women.'

Believe women...unless they are accusing a Democrat.

For Biden, so far, it's been silence from Milano and just about everyone else who believed Blasey Ford. And this accusation didn't happen when Biden was drunk at a high school party. Nope. This alleged assault happened while Biden was a Senator for Delaware.

Milano is attempting to explain why she's not running to Washington demanding Biden drop out of the Democrat race for President. She said this on Sirius XM 'because I believe that, um, even tough we should believe women and that is an important thing and what that statement really means as like, for so long, the go-to has been not to believe them. So, really we have to, sort of societally change that mindset to believing women, but that does not mean at the expense of not, um, giving men their due process.'

Milano must have lost her 'Believe Women' sash. She must have forgotten to send the tweet that read, 'I stand with Tara Reade.'

So, let's translate this. What Milano really means is that she only wants men she agrees with, liberals and Democrats, to have due process. Typical hypocrisy. It's obvious. It's obnoxious.

Ultimately, perhaps most importantly, it proves Milano has zero credibility. The media knows it. The anchors and pundits used Milano under the guise she's the pro-woman mouthpiece. All it really was was a thinly veiled attempt to bring Kavanaugh down. This proves they are as agenda driven as Milano (additionally proven by their silence on Biden).

Also, too, like Milano, the lack of coverage of the Biden accusation means much of the television media has zero credibility.

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