The Left Has Their Priorities All Messed Up

The Left has a funny way of showing what they really care about.

Do they really care about the American people? If they did they would have their priorities straight. But that would be too much to ask now wouldn't it?

The Left attacks President Trump on everything he is not doing rather than what he is doing. They have outright accused President Trump of doing nothing when it comes to the COVID-19 crisis.

At every level of Government he is blamed for not reacting to this fast enough and should take more power and control and force his will upon the country. Those would be the actions of a dictator which he is not. He adheres to this wonderful document called the Constitution and uses it as it is intended. That means no abuses of power (even though they blamed him for abusing his power not that long ago when they tried to impeach him from office!)

The priorities of the Left are all messed up and they on a daily basis are continuing to show the American people that they are not on their side.

Nothing President Trump does will ever be good enough for them yet the American people should know better than to trust the media and the Left's message of hate and division at any cost when it comes to power and control and being anti-Trump.

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