PHX Mayor Gallego Wants You To Snitch

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego wants you to call the police if you see a 'large' gathering in city parks. Seriously.

This weekend, the mayor, who recently pushed to create a citizen review board to help oversee the Phoenix Police Department, tweeted out the police department's non-emergency number on Twitter.

According to Gallego, in the time of COVID19 the underfunded, understaffed police department should have be used to break up crowds at city parks on Easter Sunday.


So, which one is it mayor? Is the city's police department reckless enough to need civilian oversight? Or are they competent enough to potentially violate Phoenicians 1st Amendment's 'right to peaceably assemble?'

Her behavior fits a pattern.

Liberal mayors and governors across the country have enacted draconian police states encouraging citizens to spy on each other and report 'violations' during the coronavirus. They often say it's for the greater good. These measures are meant to protect us.

It's not.

It's a power grab. These mayors and governors are treating everyone as if they are already guilty, the same way Fidel Castro did.

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