The Democrats Now Stand With Unity...Again.

Courtesy of CNN

It is now official....the Democrats are completely backing Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election.

After Bernie Sanders suspended and then dropped out of the race he has now formally thrown his support behind Joe Biden along with most major Democrat voices within the party.

At what cost will the Democrats go to defeat Donald Trump in 2020?

They have sent a clear signal saying that unity while displaying their diversity will triumph over all. There is nothing that can defeat them---right?

The last time they tried this the Bernie voters did not show up for Hillary Clinton. What will be different? Nothing!

Hillary Clinton was a uniquely weak candidate yet the Democrats are throwing Joe Biden to the wolves this time around. Why are they so confident this strategy will work?

They believe that the years of constantly attacking Trump while putting him through the rigors of impeachment and now this pandemic will weaken him to the point of vulnerability.

They truly do not learn from their mistakes do they? Not too long ago they were heavily divided under their "tent" of ideas. Now they expect their party to simply rally behind one idea that will get branched out and morphed into a platform that is trying to serve too many masters.

This will only help President Trump and further divide whatever semblance of the Democrat Party is left after 2020.

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