The Paycheck Protection Program Adds Billions For Small Businesses

COVID-19 has been a threat to not only our health but our economic structure as a whole. The conversation must be had as to how our country will reopen in enough time to where our economy will not collapse on itself.

The small business loans were running out and something had to be done!

The Paycheck Protection Program added billions of dollars in loans to small businesses to survive a little bit longer as the virus crisis continues.

How important is this? It ensures that small businesses can survive the next round of what has been a grounding halt to a big chunk of the United States economy.

No one is arguing that health is not a priority however the economic well-being of this country must be taken just as seriously.

President Trump has been consistently attacked for his response to this crisis yet time and time again he shows that he is indeed getting work done with actions such as this.

We must ensure the future and the future rests with the economy. This is leadership.

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