The Curve Is Flattening. Why Extend Stay-At-Home Orders?

Courtesy of CBS News

The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo believes and says that the curve is flattening on COVID-19. The goal was to get to this very result before any changes were to be made going forward.

Yet today the Governor decided to extend the Stay-At-Home order until May 15th. He extended it an extra two weeks or approximately one month from this press conference. Why the change now?

The fear is still ruling the day because "science" must decide when we can go back to our lives. The return to normalcy may not be a reality for some but for others simply being allowed to go back to work and not rely on a Government check is a return to normalcy.

Not having to rely on someone else to provide for yourself and your family IS a return to normalcy.

This is a move based in fear. That fear has been perpetuated through our media and our elected officials trying to navigate their way through this crisis. Some are doing a better job than others but this seems to be a safety precaution for New York that is not suited for many other places. Should New York be more cautious than anywhere else in this country? Absolutely.

However if you tell people that a goal is to be met and then you double back on it as soon as it is met you are kicking the can down the road until you deem it "appropriate" to move forward with the next steps.

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