Trump Plan. Reopen Economy In Phases.

Today at the White House, President Trump has unveiled a three phase proposal to open up the economy on a state by state basis.

Phase one would start after a state sees a two-week decline in the number of people experiencing both flu-like and COVID19-like symptoms and the number of people testing positive over those same two weeks.

Hospitals in those states have the ability to test and treat all patients as well as healthcare workers.

If a state meets those criteria they can reopen some parts of the economy. The White House is calling this Phase One.

Phase One doesn't look much different than it does now. The White House is still encouraging people to telecommute where possible under this first part of the reopening plan. They also suggest closing all common areas in offices while continuing social distancing.

Restaurants could reopen under Phase One. However, restaurants will look different than they did in February. For example, a restaurant with 50 tables, might reopen with ten tables to keep patrons separate from each other. Sports venues could reopen under the same type of criteria.

Gyms could also reopen under the first phase so long as they comply with strict social distancing and cleaning policies.

Under, Phase Two social distancing and working from home would still be encouraged. Schools could be reopened under this phase. Restaurants, sports arenas and other large venues could move from strict social distancing policies to moderates ones. Bars would also be allowed to reopen with some restrictions here.

Phase Three is closer to what we would have called normal before COVID19 though some social distancing would still be in play. But, here in Phase Three all employees can return to work, visits to nursing homes and hospitals can resume and business in general can resume.

Read the full White House proposal here. Note. There's a 14-day suggestion as described above to move into Phase One. There's no White House timeline suggestions to move into the next two phases.

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