Gretchen Whitmer Lacks Leadership

Courtesy of ABC News

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, DEMOCRAT, wants to make you believe that she has the best intentions for the people of Michigan. She wants to stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that the curve will be flattened and we will all get through this together.

Her attitude is that we can shut down the economy and save lives by keeping people inside their homes as much as possible. She is not the only leader at any level that thinks the way she does. Republicans and Democrats alike have all lined up to make "science" choose when we can move forward with our lives.

President Trump has decided that it is up to the states to make their own decisions as to when to lift certain restrictions and lead a path forward reopening their economy. He essentially has said that certain areas need more time and other areas need less time. Seems fair, right?

Gov. Whitmer seems to be taking the approach of blaming the working people for making the restrictions last longer!

So the people of Michigan were going to be stuck inside for weeks anyways due to SNOW!?

Last I checked people in areas where snow is a yearly weather event----PEOPLE STILL GO TO WORK!

So this is the basis of having people stay inside and not work!?

Oh so now it is the fault of the protesters for letting this go on longer than anticipated?

How long was this anticipated? Weeks? Months? Do you have an answer?

The answer is "No". They simply do not have an answer because "they are not in control." "Science must make the decision for us."

Here is the problem with that. You want to tell people HOW to Stay-At-Home. You want to tell people that they should stay inside and not go to more isolated areas and furthermore not even get gardening equipment or painting equipment for home personal use?

The reality is the Governor Whitmer and others like her want this shutdown to go on for months and months. Why? It allows people to see what they want them to see which is more dependence on them, the Government, to provide EVERYTHING for them and make every decision for them.

All they have to do is stay at home and hope that "science" will one day tell us, "it is safe to go back outside."

Fear is a powerful emotion and there are far too many people in leadership positions that simply do not want to lead. They just want the power and control that comes with making people do what they deem necessary for the "greater good."

What you are implying is that you think people are not intelligent enough to make the best decisions so you have to make them for them.

You want Government to be the parent from birth to death while we the citizens stay children waiting for permission to live our lives through your image.

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