Ilhan Omar Wants To Turn The US Into Cuba

'Free' housing is a communist dream. However, we know 'free' means paid for by taxpayers. Especially if Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has her way.

The Minnesota Democrat filed legislation today seeking to have the federal government pay the rent on all rental homes, "throughout the duration of this pandemic.'

“Under my legislation, payment on all rental homes will be canceled and landlords will be able to apply to have their losses covered by the federal government through a Rental Property Relief Fund to be administered by the Department of Housing and Labor – Urban Development – HUD,” Omar said.

Her bill wouldn't stop there. Omar said, "all home mortgage payments will be suspended with mortgage holders being eligible to apply for a similar HUD-operated Home Lenders Relief Fund.”

So, yes this would be taxpayer paid housing. Also, notice the language Omar uses. Her program would continue payments, 'throughout the duration of this pandemic.' What does that even mean?

When there's a vaccine? When everyone in America has access to it? That might not be until 2022.

Clearly, Omar, like many other Democrats, are attempting to use this pandemic to remake America into a socialist paradise.

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