Police Threaten To Arrest Arizona Business Owner.

Imagine opening a small business. It's a bold move. You risk everything to become an entrepreneur. Then the government shut down your business. For weeks.

Since it's been weeks since you've made any revenue you realize you have two weeks left before you are out of money.

So you open your business. You do it safely. You make everyone stand at least 8 feet apart. You have fresh towels, wipes, and hand sanitizer.

Then someone calls the cops on you.

Then the cops threaten to arrest you if you remain open. It happened right here in the Valley.

What do you do?

This anonymous business owner is going to stay open. Here's another note about this business owner. He wanted to remain anonymous to protect his members. That's impressive.

Thank you for being bold. Bold decisions are often criticized. They aren't for everyone. But, he's facing with the possibility of losing his life's dream. He's up to the challenge. Listen in.

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