AOC Wants You To Be Poor

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants you to be poor. There's no other way around it. The evidence continues to pile up.

In her latest example showcasing her belief capitalism is pure evil we look to her now deleted tweet about the fall of oil prices.

A sitting US congresswoman is hoping for the demise in an entire US industry, an industry that employs about ten million people in the US. The oil industry doesn't just provide jobs, it's gives fuel to get to work. It's how many of us heat our homes. It's how much of the world economy works.

It's how the ice cream gets delivered to the story so House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can stock it in her $24,000 refrigerator, which was also delivered by a gas-powered truck.

And AOC doesn't care.

She has deemed it evil. She thinks it's a polluter and therefore should be shut down. Consequences be damned. What Ocasio-Cortez wants it so remake the energy industry. She wants to 'create' more green jobs with, taxpayer, funds. See.

A key opportunity.

A key opportunity to remake America in her socialist dream. A key opportunity to put as many Americans on the government payroll. No, not to work. Just to get a check. AOC and other members of the incredibly progressive wing of the already progressively liberal Democrat party have voiced their support for a monthly stipend until the coronavirus is over. That stipend would 'pay' Americans over the age of 16 $2,000 per month with an additional allowance of $1,000 per child.

A family of four would bring in $72,000 per year on the government program.

Not bad.

Add in Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's bill. The Democrat from Minnesota wants the federal government to pay everyone's rent and mortgage for a year. Her bill would go as far as allowing the federal government to seize a home or apartment if the landlord attempted to collect rent from the tenants.


For Democrats this isn't about COVID19. This isn't even about stopping the spread of it or stopping the spread of it. It's much more than that. It's an opportunity to use a pandemic to canceling the American way. The American way they believe is evil to their core. Think about it. The blame America for climate change. They blame America's foreign policy for all the strife in the world. The say America has been evil from it's very founding.

That's why they want to remake it and control it. To them it is our very freedoms they see as evil.

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