So It Has Come To This...

COVID-19 has changed our lives in a pretty drastic matter when it comes to day to day life. Some are not working while some are being heavily restricted from their rights.

Now we have gotten to the point where people are getting arrested for protesting. Since when did we have a pandemic exception to the Constitution? Last I checked there was not such an exception.

Safety vs Rights....

Life? Liberty? Pursuit of Happiness? Throw those out the window because we are at war with a virus and we must do whatever it takes to beat it including trampling over any and all rights you have. Why? The reason is because someone told you that your rights do not matter.

Want the country to reopen? Demand it. The leadership refuses? Lawfully protest.

We are not all in this together as you are meant to believe. They want to shout you down and make you comply when it is clear that this has been a massive over reach against all of us.

Comply + Conform = Control.

Some states want to reopen earlier than others. Some want to stay in lockdown until they feel "safe."

No one wants to point fingers for blame (except maybe at Trump) but the reality is that life has to go on whether anyone likes it or not. What happened to personal responsibility? What happened to leadership by the people and for the people?

This is not for the people. Not when you take their freedoms away so you can feel "safe."

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