AOC Wants To Make Work Optional

So AOC believes that we should all stop working and make life free from work forever! Yay!

This is the mindset often taken by children who believe that sunshine rainbows and lollipops are the solution to every problem they will ever have.

If you don't want to go back to work that should be a choice you should be able to freely make. There are however consequences to making that decision that not only impact your life but also impact your household as a whole.

Need to pay rent? Let the Government send you a check to pay that bill.

Need to buy food? Let the Government give you something to make sure you can eat every day.

Need to pay bills? Let the Government make sure all of your electricity and water and internet work as much as you need it.

I feel as though I have to ask the question yet again--How are we going to pay for this?

"We will figure that out later." That is the common answer we get.

The reality is that this much like many ideas from the Left they are a pipe dream towards the ultimate goal of a "utopia."

Here is a newsflash for everyone: NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING in life is free.

So if you want to follow someone like AOC telling you that you don't have to work and should not feel inclined to go back to work there are severe consequences to that choice. But please don't expect me to carry your weight in society while you decide to be lazy all in the name of "safety and security."

What a bunch of garbage that is being peddled onto the masses to make them "feel" more secure in their lives full of ineptitude.

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